TriBE Innovation is an initiative that is designed to propel Sarawak’s business events leaders, industry players and stakeholders to newer heights and is aligned with BESarawak’s direction to build stronger communities.

As Sarawak continues to mature in business events, the need to raise the standards of the business events supplier chain became vital to Sarawak’s positioning and future success. Sarawak’s successes can only be sustainable by working closely with the local industry players, potential local hosts and the government.

Through the success of Redefining Global Tribe campaign, the Tribal Warrior Challenge and the TriBE 2018, BESarawak: Educating has evolved to be TriBE: Innovation, with the vision “To be Sarawak’s Primary Education and Innovation Arm in all Core areas of Business Events”.

Knowledge Camp

Knowledge Camps are short courses or webinars that cover a wide range of topics, such as general management, motivation, human resources, marketing, tourism, basics of business events, and various how-to sessions relating to business events. These short sessions, which are no more than an hour-long per session, are led and shared by selected industry experts in a short and crisp format that will keep you wanting for more.

All these sessions are developed and delivered to you at no cost. Anyone can attend the session, as long as they are a part of the Campus Community. All registered BEPartners are part of the Campus Community.


Turn Your Connections into Your Thriving Tribe

You can't build a brand without a community. You need an audience who will not just press "like" your posts, but an audience who will actively engage and advocate for you. This is what we call the LinkedIn Tribe! When used properly, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. They are audience you can eventually convert into clients or lead you to them.

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Influence @ Work

Your power to influence can change your fortune in the workplace in these challenging times. Yet most people fail to identify or exert a level of influence needed to win business, win over people or win that important pitch. Begin the journey of discovering your unique influencing power and put it to work immediately. It's how new-age leaders are shining in the workplace and making a difference to their organisations, their teams and their future.

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Communication Karate

The battle in the corporate world to be heard, be authoritative and be credible. In this VUCA world - how can you influence, be taken seriously, speak with authenticity, avoid ambiguity and still "feel good" about what you say in your day-to-day business dealings….particularly with online business dealings. What are the barriers to dealing with our colleagues, clients, our bosses when the going is tough? How to overcome these barriers.

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The Innovation Masterclass is a programme that provides a platform for the Government, Associations and Industry Partners to learn, share, exchange knowledge or even qualify for certification

BESarawak works in collaboration with experts and other professional associations to deliver world-class programmes. Some of these Masterclass programmes will also award participants CE hours so that they can register to sit for relevant internationally recognised certification.

The Masterclass will be divided into two major categories; one that is created for Industry needs and the other for Associations. There will also be occasional programmes designed to address the needs and challenges faced by both Industry and Association.

These programmes are heavily sponsored for the benefit of our business events community and anyone who is interested can register to be in our Campus Community to take advantage of this golden opportunity.


Sales Training For Association & The B.E. Industry

This masterclass will address revenue streams for event managers and those looking to explore or re-assess their event calendars in light of COVID-19.

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Revenue Growth For The Events Industry

This masterclass will address revenue streams for event managers and those looking to explore or re-assess their event calendars in light of COVID-19.

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Revenue Growth For Associations

This masterclass will address several revenue streams for associations. There will be discussions on traditional versus changing (post COVID-19) options.

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International Accreditation

BESarawak’s capacity building plan is to ensure that members of the local business events industry are professionally recognised. To address this, BESarawak is helping Sarawakian industry partners to obtain their professional certifications through partial sponsorship of courses and examinations. 

Some of the certifications that are available for sponsorship support are the Certified Meetings Professional (CMP), Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM), Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS), Event Design Certificate (EDC), Digital Events Specialist (DES), Certified Associations Sales Executive (CASE) and many more.

Those wishing to sit for the Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) designation will need to complete the TriBE Innovation Masterclass for Industry.

If you are interested in any other internationally accredited and certified course that is not listed, you may forward your application to BESarawak. Approval is subject to the discretion of BESarawak providing that the course is:

a) an online course;

b) related to business events and;

c) awards an internationally recognised certification upon completion of the course and/or exam.

Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) online examination

This Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) exam registration is open to those who have already attended the CMP Masterclass in 2019. The registration fee will be 70% subsidized by Business Events Sarawak. Please note that the registration for the CMP exam is online open for online examination. Deadline to register is 31st August 2020.

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Digital Event Specialist (DES)

At this time when more and more events need to have elements that are online, or are going hybrid, DES leads the way in showcasing the basics to digital events. Who should attend? Obviously they include: event marketers, corporate planners, association events and meeting professionals or even in-house event people, freelancers, and event sales people.

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Certified Association Sales Executive (CASE)

CASE is a program that is aimed at sales people who are targeting Associations. Who is suitable to be certified in this? It would be our sales team, hoteliers who aim to specialise in selling to associations, BCCK sales team, our agents etc.

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Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS)

Generally, CIS stands for Certified Incentive Specialist. This program aims to introduce the trade secrets of incentive travels to those who want to specialise in this genre of business. BESarawak is now looking toward corporate meetings and incentive business and therefore, it is only logical that we support our industry in preparing them for this lucrative business.

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