Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register / sign up to the TriBEcamp community?

The TriBEcamp community is open to everyone around the world regardless of profession, industry or level of knowledge on business events. Our objective is to present opportunities for everyone to learn and upgrade.

Who can sign up / enroll to watch the Knowledge Camp sessions?

Members of the TriBEcamp community can enrol into the Knowledge Camp sessions which are complimentary.

I have enrolled for the Knowledge Camp sessions. What’s next?

All registrants will receive a confirmation email from the system and a reminder email with the web link to the session will be sent out 1 day prior to the session. Another reminder will be sent an hour before the session for the registrants to easily access the web link.

Who can sign up / enroll to watch the Masterclass sessions?

As Masterclass sessions are heavily subsidised, it is only open to Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) Partners only. You can register to be a BESarawak Partner at the link here.

I have enrolled for the Masterclass sessions. What’s next?

All registrations for Masterclass are subject to the approval of BESarawak and a deposit of RM500.00 will be collected prior to the session. Once payment of deposit is received, a confirmation email with the web link to attend the session will be sent to the successful registrants within 5 working days. Upon completion of the Masterclass, the deposit will be refunded by BESarawak.

Who can sign up / enroll to watch the International Accreditation Programme?

The International Accreditation Programme is only open to Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) Partners only and the scholarship is limited to the first 20 pax on a first come first served basis. You can register to be a BESarawak Partner at link here.

Are all the sessions on TriBEcamp eligible for CE points?

Not all sessions on TriBEcamp are eligible for CE Points, unless specified.

Are the sessions conducted and hosted on TriBEcamp recorded for replay purpose?

The presentation slides may or may not be shared at the discretion of the speaker(s) or presenter(s).

Can the attendees ask questions using audio during any of these sessions?

All questions from the attendees can be asked using the Q&A widget available in most sessions. Most sessions will have more than 50 attendees and this will cause the session to be unpleasant especially when unintended audio is channeled into the session and the moderator / speaker is unable to control this during the session.

Why can’t I use the Q&A and polling feature in the webinar?

Kindly check if you are using the recommended browsers.

What are the recommended browsers to watch and interact in the webinar seamlessly?

The recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer are not able to provide full features of any webinar platforms.

The slides on my mobile screen are too small.

If a user or attendee is viewing the webinar through their mobile phones or smart devices, the slides or video will resize according to the screen size. On some mobile operating systems, users can use the pinch-to-zoom feature to enlarge the image. It is always recommended to watch webinars on desktop or laptop.

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