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The battle in the corporate world to be heard, be authoritative and be credible.

In this VUCA world – how can you influence, be taken seriously, speak with authenticity, avoid ambiguity and still “feel good” about what you say in your day-to-day business dealings….particularly with online business dealings.

What are the barriers to dealing with our colleagues, clients, our bosses when the going is tough? How to overcome these barriers.

The generation conundrum – communicating with Millennials and connecting the generations dots.

We all want to avoid conflict and potentially stressful situations – this is human nature. People often find it easier to avoid communicating a topic that they believe will be
controversial or negative… putting off the communication and letting the situation deteriorate. This session will demonstrate how you can have a more assertive presence in all scenarios including online meetings and interviews.

This session will help participants show leadership through powerful oral communication techniques.
Communication Karate will have participants engaged and interacting with one another as they learn strategies and techniques in the minefield of communication.

Date: 4th Nov 10:00AM – 12:00PM MYT

Host's Profile
Tina Altieri

Tina Altieri is a dynamic and engaging communicator who has earned respect through her 30 years in the Australian broadcast news business as a journalist and news anchor. She’s been a regular face for SkyNews Australia and a long –time foreign correspondent for Channel News Asia.
Tina is regularly invited to take centre stage at international conferences on the topic of mastering the media and dealing with media crisis communication. Tina’s training and specialized coaching has helped many key opinion makers and thought leaders to master the skills and confidence needed to engage the media with conviction and credibility, when put under the spotlight.
In 2013, Tina was voted one of Singapore’s top 10 Influential Professional Speakers and Trainers.
Tina is passionate about business tourism in the APAC region and thrilled to be working with partners in Sarawak and Malaysia for a dynamic and interactive workshop.