Associations Connect Podcast Series: Sustainable Future for Associations


Today’s associations are stepping up their game to ensure that organizations are a force for good and they are building a sustainable future for their organisation. Sustainability and good business practices are becoming a business priority for many associations, where increasingly social-minded employees can take part in world-positive initiatives that promote efficiency and avoid the depletion of natural resources. Associations that represent professionals and organizations around the world will be upgrading their toolboxes to foster sector and professional resilience and relevance for the turbulent times ahead. With our guest speaker, Charlotte Otten, Head of Events at SolarPower Europe we are exploring what a sustainable future will look like.

Guest Speakers
Charlotte Otten
Head of Events, SolarPower Europe

Charlotte is in charge of creating, planning and executing multiple highly successful and globally-recognised events, webinars and other projects. As a dedicated professional, Charlotte contributes with her innovative insights and an eye for detail, to the success of SolarPower Europe. She has previously worked as a communications and event officer at a European industry association and before that at a EU funded organisation. Charlotte as a Belgian national speaks French, English, Spanish and Dutch. She has a bachelor in International Affairs, and holds a European Studies Master degree from the KU Leuven. She is also currently pursuing an MBA at Solvay Brussels School.