Associations Connect Podcast Series: Community Building for Associations

Release Date: 26 October 2021 Synopsis: Associations are professional communities that require constant engagement that operate as a value-based business model. In this episode, we will discuss with Dr. Paulus Torkki, the Founder of the Value-based Healthcare Association in Finland, as well as an Associate Professor of Helsinki University, how the associations can create and manage highly engaged communities and utilise Instagram and Netflix effect in their strategies.
Guest Speakers

Dr. Paulus Torkki

Founder, Value-based Healthcare Association, Finland Partner, Nordic Healthcare Group Associate Professor, Helsinki University

Paulus Torkki is an Associate Professor of Healthcare Operations Management in the University of Helsinki in Faculty of Medicine. After the doctoral dissertation, Torkki was research director of Healthcare Management Institute in Aalto University. Torkki has also been working in private companies as a consultant and in various business development positions. His research interest and publications mainly focus on health care operations management, focusing on the performance measurement and the development of the care processes and pathways.