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Trying to Solve for Networking in a Virtual Event

In March, it became obvious to Gita Sukthankar, Ph.D., that her conference was not going to happen as planned. It was a letdown for the associate professor in the computer science department at the University of Central Florida, who, as general chair of the International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS), was particularly […]

Social Distancing Solution: Wristbands Do the Talking for Attendees

When meetings and events can resume, participants are going to face a tough question: How close should I get to someone? This will be more challenging than the do-I-hug-or-high-five dance. As people start to come together again in group environments, they will have a wide range of comfort levels with physical proximity and contact and […]

Malaysia resumes business events for up to 250 pax

The Business Events Council Malaysia (BECM) welcomes the Malaysian government’s decision to reopen the business events sector, allowing the industry to host domestic events of up to 250 participants under comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The announcement demonstrates the recognition and importance of the business events industry in contributing to economic recovery. It affirms the […]

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