Connecting the community through education and cultivating opportunities for the business events industry.

TriBEcamp is a platform that will Connect business events planners and partners to Cultivate new business opportunities and build a stronger business events Community through active engagements and continuous education.

Past Events


You and Video

How to come across like a professional TV presenter in meetings/ presentations and your corporate videos. Learn the tips that professional presenters use to convey credibility, conviction, empathy. Understand how to capture the very best of you when delivering to camera.

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Mastering the Media

Developing your communication and influencing style to lead with credibility, conviction when dealing with media in these unprecedented times. This up-to-date media training workshop will help you to be thoroughly prepared to engage and manage the media in a range of scenarios both friendly and hostile.

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Pitching to Win

If you are facing a crowd -large or small – or have to regularly sell your company or service in an online platform, then this session is for you. This short and interactive session will change your views about what clients are typically thinking when they experience your presentations and pitches. When was the last time you successfully and powerfully communicated your ideas and put your best face forward

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Communication Karate

The battle in the corporate world to be heard, be authoritative and be credible. In this VUCA world - how can you influence, be taken seriously, speak with authenticity, avoid ambiguity and still "feel good" about what you say in your day-to-day business dealings….particularly with online business dealings. What are the barriers to dealing with our colleagues, clients, our bosses when the going is tough? How to overcome these barriers.

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Influence @ Work

Your power to influence can change your fortune in the workplace in these challenging times. Yet most people fail to identify or exert a level of influence needed to win business, win over people or win that important pitch. Begin the journey of discovering your unique influencing power and put it to work immediately. It's how new-age leaders are shining in the workplace and making a difference to their organisations, their teams and their future.

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Turn Your Connections into Your Thriving Tribe

You can't build a brand without a community. You need an audience who will not just press "like" your posts, but an audience who will actively engage and advocate for you. This is what we call the LinkedIn Tribe! When used properly, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. They are audience you can eventually convert into clients or lead you to them.

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TriBE Digital Innovation

Knowledge Camp

Knowledge Camps are short courses or webinars that cover a wide range of topics, such as general management, motivation, human resources, marketing, tourism, basics of business events, and various how-to sessions relating to business events.


The Innovation Masterclass is a programme that provides a platform for the Government, Associations and Industry Partners to learn, share, exchange knowledge or even qualify for certification.

BESarawak Accreditation Scholarship

BESarawak’s capacity building plan is to ensure that members of the local business events industry are professionally recognised. To address this, BESarawak is helping Sarawakian industry partners to obtain their professional certifications through partial sponsorship of courses and examinations. 

Interested in getting a Business Events related accreditation
or certification?

BESarawak will cover up to 70% of the cost of obtaining the accreditation,
up to a maximum of RM3000 per successful applicant. *T&C apply

Become A Partner

BE Associated

Be associated with the best with the BESarawak partnership programme; open to you, any organisation and industry player who provide support services or promotes business events in Sarawak.

As long as you are an appointed representative of your organisation, you can register on behalf of your organisation for BESarawak-associated programmes.

Industry News

10 Requirements for an Interactive Hybrid Event

While the last year has drastically shifted the way we do everything from socializing and traveling to hosting meetings and events, the meetings industry is currently experiencing another change—the shift from fully virtual to hybrid meetings and events. Still an...

Find the Perfect Tech Platform for Your Virtual Event

Explore all the features you need, and learn best-practice strategies directly from the experts

11 Easy Ways to Increase Your Association’s Social Media Visibility

Associations need to use social media platforms to connect with their public, raise awareness for their cause and many other reasons. But of course, what you are doing on social media isn’t that valuable if no one sees it. You need to increase the number of your...

TriBE Digital Campus Community

Because we believe that business events do build stronger communities, the TriBE Digital Campus is the trusted platform in Sarawak to connect Government, Associations, Industry Partners, Academia and Media with continuous education and business development opportunities.

We want to create a Campus Community that nurtures every member to their full potential and will support their personal and professional development. The best of it, is that being part of our TriBE Digital Campus Community won’t cost you a thing.


Sarawak’s BE Impact

Shaping Equality Starts In Conference Room

In our fast-paced time, more than ever associations see the need for community service, for creating a platform (through their conferences) to facilitate knowledge influx and exchange; to bring policy makers together who can act upon the findings of these events for the betterment of citizens’ life. This positive, sought after impact is in harmony with Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) mission to pave the way for successful, disruptive association conferences that leave their mark on the state, in particular, and the country, as a whole.

Today’s Business Events Serve Tomorrow’s Generation

Four major pillars of legacy impacts laid out by BESarawak are meant to vest more power to business events in order to extract their full value and drive change. These pillars are identified as Advancing the Field, Economic Outcomes, Community Benefits and Public Policy. The first assigns the leading role to local associations and global networking, which will lead to wider trade opportunities and industrial development. Cultural, social and public welfare outcomes can be achieved for the community, which in turn can also benefit by policy changes.

RISM’s Advancing Legacy Impacts with 23rd Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors Congress (PAQS 2019)

The immediate impacts from the Congress included an agreement signed between various nations and organisations with an increase of delegates wishing to become association members and the International Quantity Surveying Academic Forum (IQSAF) members (these are made up of academicians in the QS field) were left motivated to become proactive in the field and pledged to turn IQSAF into grander scale.

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